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As a landlord, your responsibilities during a tenancy can be daunting. It is crucial that your property is well looked after and its continued maintenance is critical to the success of the tenancy.

Managing a property and dealing with the various issues that arise during a tenancy is a demanding and time-consuming business. We recommend that you use C. P. Papas Property Management Service to ensure that all aspects are dealt with efficiently and cost-effectively on your behalf.

In addition to the administrative and practical advantages of a managed property, full property management can make your investment more attractive to a tenant, potentially increasing your return and helping to minimise 'void' periods. By ensuring the smooth running of a tenancy, we increase the likelihood of a renewal at the end of the period. Increasingly, corporate tenants are likely to insist that the property they rent is fully managed.

C. P. Papas Property Management Service offers landlords' the following: collection of rent and overseeing rent arrears if required, the management of rent accounting, holding of deposit as stakeholder, and payment of all routine outgoings on your behalf as well as other financial issues. We offer monitoring of problems and handling routine and emergency repairs, appropriate handling of tenant queries, handling of inventories and dilapidations at the end of the tenancy, and access to a portfolio of approved and trusted contractors. You will benefit from competitive contractor prices due to economies of scale, advice on relevant legislation and action taken on landlord's behalf where necessary.


We offer a refurbishment service and advice, handling of insurance claims, and arrange for landlords' legal obligations to be fulfilled (ie Gas/Electricity Safety Certificate, meeting Fire regulations etc.). Our in-house solicitor can also advise free of charge on any legal issues if required.

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